Limited edition custom hand drawn pet portrait!
Thank you for letting me draw your little cuties! Please read the guidelines carefully below!
🖤 portraits will be 8x6" on sturdy mixed media paper
🖤 ideally this is ONE pet per portrait. I can also include the pet owner in the portrait but again limited to ONE pet :-)
🖤 let me know your pets name if you want it in there!
🖤 you get to choose between a more "realistic" style or "goofy" cartoon style!
🖤 I will be emailing when I begin your pet portrait but please feel free to email ahead with photos or any other relevant info
🖤 it will take me any where from 2-4 months to get through these, possibly even a bit longer depending on my schedule so please be patient! Feel free to check in on your place in line and I will do the same! Include a valid email!!!
🖤 hand drawn pet portraits will be getting ONE free print of your choice and stickers once your order gets mailed out ✨